Upcoming Workshops and Events

We are always planning new and exciting workshops and events that will help you improve your yoga and daily lifestyle. Make sure you check this page for the latest workshops and events we are organizing, and get in touch if you would like to attend. Remember that spaces are limited.


Overhead Backbends

Join Michelle van Straaten as she leads you through a two hour ‘workshop-style’ advanced flow focusing on tools and techniques to open the body and prepare for overhead backbend.

When :8th April
Cost : R 260
Bookings and payments in advance.
For more information please contact us at : info@zenhotyogaworld.co.za 


NULU Pop Up Store !
When : 3rd to 4th May!



Our next 30 day challenge  will be May 2017

Come challenge your mind and body to 30 consecutive days of yoga and watch your practice soar to new heights.  We have a variety of yoga classes for you to choose from.  Come get creative!

Student’s Testimonial about the Challenge:

I’ve done 2 challenges so far and am already extremely excited for the next one. There are quite a few reasons why I love doing the challenges and I’ll mention them now. I never make an excuse to miss yoga. Whereas normally life just gets in the way, as I’m sure it does for you too.

I also love the change you can see and feel in your body. As you practice every day, you start to become really strong physically and mentally in the room. You just feel how the dynamics change from when you first started to where you are towards the end of a Challenge. Your mind and body work better together in your everyday day and it’s amazing when you notice the change. The best feeling is when you notice how your poses improve and you go from not being able to do one to completing it fully!

Another great aspect are the other people that do it with you. You form friendships and a unity because you are all going through the same thing. The Challenge is tough of course, hence being called a CHALLENGE, but the rewards far outweigh the sometimes early mornings and occasional stiff body.

Here’s to your commitment to your body for the next month.