Here’s what our students have to say about their personal experiences in the Hot Room.

Demarte Pene         EFC Bantamweight Champion; MMA Athlete

As a professional athlete I’ve been able to see the many benefits from doing Bikram Yoga at Zen Hot Yoga. I’m more flexible, better conditioned &  it helps me with muscle recovery.


Lisa Steingold

As a past Ironman Triathlete, I had serious doubts about yoga as a workout option, but went to try it out after suffering from an extended illness. I found it to be not only a great workout but actually helped to tone my body in a way that years of gym and training had never been able to. At first I was reluctant to try out the hot yoga and found my first class incredibly challenging. I couldn’t do the postures & found the heat to be intense. I decided to do the 30 day challenge in the month of May 2014  to see if it got any better and now I’m hooked! I love both the heat , flow & Yin classes offered at Zen Hot Yoga. My body has become stronger and more toned but the yoga has also impacted on my life outside the Studio in ways that I never imagined. I feel more comfortable in my body, more balanced and more able to ‘flow’ through challenges. I’ve been to a number of different Studios but Zen Hot Yoga is undoubtedly the best in Jo’burg due to a combination of Conrad’s supportive encouragement, the energy of the place, the teachers and fellow students.

Susi Baird

To the fantastic Zen Hot Yoga Team!

I have been meaning to write to you for a very long time to express my gratitude and amazement at the benefits that I have felt since starting with ZEN Hot Yoga.

I jumped at the fantastic offer of R250 for 2 weeks of unlimited classes! That experience changed my life! I attended around 3 to 4 classes a week and within those 2 weeks, my long standing stiff neck eased completely. I had been getting treatment for this injury for years, and since I started yoga with you, I have not needed further treatment at all. The consistent yoga classes have rejuvenated my body, mind and soul on a level I could not have imagined. I am a practitioner and teacher of many different personal transformation as well as ‘Body, mind and spirit’ modalities, and the immediate effects of the Hot Yoga classes are unrivalled by any of the other modalities I practise. Perhaps it is the combination of them all, but for me the Hot Yoga experience is so immediate and challenging that like the other practises, this has become a part of my life. It is healing, rejuvenating  calming and challenging all in one fantastic package. I hope many other people come to realize the incredible benefits of this practise. Of course it helps that Zen Hot Yoga has outstanding teachers :).

Much love and light to you all.


Joanne Da Fonseca

I started practicing hot yoga as I had a chronic neck injury and I was looking for a platform to strengthen my neck without any further adverse effects that other forms of training had caused. To my pleasant surprise, hot yoga has not only strengthened and alleviated my neck pain in such a short period of time but it has been responsible for detoxing, stretching, strengthening and toning both my body and my mind. I look forward to continuing my journey on my internal as well as external workout with the kind, knowledgeable and generous family at Zen Hot Yoga.


Carrie Peter

I started yoga in 2009 after an entire lifetime of absolutely no exercise. I spent the whole first class cursing my Mum who had brought me there. . . but as I walked out of that first class something clicked, and just like that I was addicted. Zen Hot Yoga has afforded me the opportunity to not only expand my experience of yoga, I have been able to build a strong (and getting stronger) healthy body and I have been able to find a piece of serenity in the Joburg rat race. I love the variety of classes, and the amazing people who run the studio, and guide you through each class. The base strength that I have built in this practice has carried through into all the other aspects of my life. For me, yoga was the door that I walked through into a new fun filled healthy existence.


Chris Faraday

As a committed Trail runner, it’s important for me to prevent injures by maintaining flexibility and  core strength. Zen Hot Yoga’s Hot ‘Bikram’ & Flow classes has certainly helped me achieve my goals. There has also been the unexpected benefit of improved mental focus, confidence and enjoyment.


Marlize Visser

To anyone still wondering if Hot Zen Yoga is beneficial

I am a long distance runner and was seeing a physiotherapist twice a week for months, due to recurring calf injuries.

I hobbled into the Hot Zen yoga at The Wedge one morning..very skeptical, as I’ve tried just about everything I could to sort out the niggles i experienced from the damage done by the running.

The studio has such calmness  to it and the favourite part, to me, is the outdoor studio, where you can..for an hour reconnect with the outdoor..you forget that you’re right in the middle of the city and appreciate the fresh breeze.

I started the Hot (Bikram) Yoga and have since experienced the following:

* I have, to date, not seen any physiotherapist, because I have not felt ANY discomfort anywhere

* I have noticed increased flexibility in my muscles, within 2 weeks after starting

* My endurance during races has increased significantly, because my body has become use to performing in heat and that heat itself during events don’t affect me at all anymore.

* I have noticed how relaxed and calm I feel after each session. A true sense of serenity and accomplishment

* I’ve learnt to see exercises in a lighter side as well…who knew how much I would love walking up walls…you get a chance to connect to your inner child for a couple of minutes and that in itself if liberating!

* My body is the strongest it’s been and very toned, plus it’s only been 2 months.

Never again will I wonder about cross training, Hot Zen Yoga has given me far more than I ever expected. It has taught me to so much about what I’m capable of and has been such a blessing in all aspects of my life.

The proof really lies in giving it a try for yourself. This studio will make it very far and i wish them nothing but the best!



Jonti Searll

I often find yoga practice a source of great inspiration, the full moon class last week was beautiful, such a happy space for me. Last night I did a Yin Yoga class under the full moon and felt a level of happiness and peace, a deep connection to myself. my heart. my life, my world.


Eliza Roza

Hot Yoga transformed my life on a whole other quantum level!  From the inside out as they say, bones to skin.  I started my yoga journey in 2006 and with each year of practice, my muscles got stronger, my mind clearer and my heart more open.  Teaching this style of yoga was my natural next step and I can’t wait to see as many of you in class as possible.  Love and Light, Eliza.